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TENNANT Company has introduced the Model 750 al- surface cleaner, a "touchless" cleaning system which cleans restrooms and other hard surfaces three times faster and more thoroughly than manual mopping and wipe down methods.

Using low pressure spray, the 750 applies a cleaning formula to surfaces. After a brief dwell time, the formula is removed with a high pressure spray of rinsing agent and blown dry with the machine.

Separate vacuum motors and hoses are used for water retrieval and blow drying to prevent cross contamination.

Dirty water is vacuumed up using the machine's floor squeegee and emptied from the tank using the drop-down drain hose or the power pump-out method.

This "no touch" system makes cleaning restrooms more sanitary and pleasant for operators, which can reduce worker turnover.

Tennant's 710 cleaning formula and 720 rinsing agent are designed specifically for use with the 750 all surface cleaner.

The machine comes complete with starter chemicals, 7.6m blower and vacuum hoses, two aluminium wands, a high/low pressure want, telescoping handle scrub brush, and hand and floor squeegees. The tools and chemical are stowed securely in a compartment moulded into the unit's handle.

The 750 all surface cleaner was designed specifically for use on sinks, urinals, commodes, windows, shower stalls, lockers, tub and pool areas and other hard-to clean hard surface areas.

It is suitable for use in schools and universities, senior and child day care centres, health clubs, hospitals and nursing homes, athletic facilities, office buildings, rest areas and municipal park buildings and retail and grocery stores.

The 750 features a 57 litre bladder design solution tank and a 72 litre recovery tank. Its compact size makes it highly manoeuvrable and easy to store in most custodial closets.

The unit also features large 348mm wheels for easy stair climbing.

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