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Compact T-Series Scrubber Dryers from Tennant

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Tennant  introduces a new line of compact 43cm scrubber dryers to their range of floor scrubbers designed to clean small and congested spaces easily.   

Offering a high level of performance at budget costs, the new Tennant T-Series scrubber dryers deliver superior cleaning abilities and floor safety compared with manual mopping methods.    

The user-friendly floor cleaning equipment decreases operator fatigue while increasing operator satisfaction with low push force pad-assistance.  

Tennant’s compact T2 scrubber dryers are designed to clean small spaces in a one-pass operation enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.  

Maximum machine uptime is ensured with the Tennant T-series durability.  

With 23kg of down pressure and 230 rpm agitation delivered through a 0.75 kW brush motor, the powerful walk-behind automatic scrubbers ensure superior cleaning performance.  

Tennant’s easy-to-clean Hygenic recovery tank and debris tray reduce scrubber tank mould and bacteria while maintaining maximum hygiene.  

Engineered for environmental safety, Tennant’s scrubber dryers offer whisper-quiet 68 dBA sound level to facilitate anytime operation.  

Indoor environmental quality can be further enhanced with optional low emission maintenance-free batteries.  

Operational safety is maximised since the brush assist action only occurs when an operator engages the ergonomic ‘safety triggers’ while scrubbing.  

Excellent water recovery by Tennant’s walk-behind scrubber dryers reduces risk of slip-and-fall accidents.  

Tennant’s scrubber dryers also feature: 

  • Enhanced operator comfort and reduced fatigue with ergonomic adjustable, safety trigger handle design
  • Unique pad driver and squeegee holder that make transporting or storing the T2 simple and easy
  • Extremely simplified controls for fast operator training
  • Optimised machine sanitisation with easy clean-out rotomould recovery tank and debris tray

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