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Commercial carpet care technology breakthrough

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TENNANT Company has introduced a new commercial carpet care technology called ReadySpace that creates clean carpet spaces that are dry and ready for foot traffic in about 30 minutes or less.

"We see this as a breakthrough technology that will further position Tennant Company as a leader in carpet care," said Janet Dolan, president and CEO of Tennant Company.

"The technology is expected to have a profound impact on the way commercial carpets are cleaned. We expect our ReadySpace technology to do for carpet what FaST has done for hard floors. Already, ReadySpace is receiving acclaim from leaders in the carpet care industry."

In addition, for 15 to 18 hours, carpets cannot be used by customers or employees, costing companies significantly in lost revenue.

Targeting soil within the carpet pile, the ReadySpace technology removes the dirt that diminishes carpet appearance, luster and life span. Unlike traditional carpet care products, ReadySpace relies on sprayer units that apply water to two counter-rotating, specially designed fabric rollers that pick up the soil from the carpet.

As the rollers turn at a rate of approximately 400 times per minute, they are rinsed with a solution spray, and a built-in vacuum extracts the soil from the rollers. Very little water reaches the carpet because the carpet is never actually sprayed with water.

Independent testing by Professional Testing Laboratory, Inc., in Dalton, Georgia, shows that ReadySpace is very effective at cleaning the carpet by targeting embedded soil, dramatically improving carpet appearance, and significantly reducing carpet dry times.

The most significant end-user benefit of the ReadySpace technology is that it returns clean carpets to service quickly-typically in less than 30 minutes. This means that carpeted areas can be re-opened and used sooner. Additional benefits include:

* increased carpet cleanliness and appearance because more frequent cleaning is possible;

* increased safety that is achieved with drier carpets and carpets that dry more quickly (there is less likelihood of wet shoes transitioning from wet carpeting to hard floor surfaces);

* increased intervals between restorative extraction cleaning because frequent ReadySpace cleaning removes the dirt before it penetrates to the base of the carpet fibres;

* decreased wick-back due to less water contacting the carpet;

* decreased mould and indoor air quality issues with a carpet that is drier faster; and

* decreased potential for re-soiling with a carpet that is drier faster.

"The commercial carpet care industry has been looking for a technology like ReadySpace-one that removes the dry time barrier to carpet cleaning and improves carpet cleanliness and appearance," Ms Dolan said.

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