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TENNANT Company has announced the availability of the new T-Series Automatic Scrubbers with FaST in Australia and New Zealand.

With its combination of technologies and best-in-class standard features, the T-Series, which includes the T3 Walk-Behind and the T7 Micro-Rider, is ideal for commercial cleaning professionals who want to raise the level of their cleanliness, health, safety and overall image.

The primary benefit of the T-Series is that it allows cleaning professionals to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness, health and safety-three top priorities for today's cleaning professionals. Exclusive T-Series features and benefits include:

* FaST-FaST is a patented foam scrubbing system that uses less water and less detergent to leave floors dry and safe immediately after scrubbing. FaST is the first automated cleaning system to receive "High-Traction" product certification from the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). More recently, FaST won the FEN Progress award for Industry Excellence in Occupational Health & Safety, November 2004.

* Uses water sparingly - 1 tablespoon of water per metre squared.

* Extremely Low Noise Levels - the T-Series is specifically designed to be used in noise-sensitive environments and to offer anytime cleaning due to quiet, non-disruptive operation at 67 decibels.

* Hygienic Tanks - Tennant's Hygienic Tanks allow users to quickly and easily access and sanitise the recovery and solution tanks. It is Tennant's insight into some market's high cleanliness standards that drove the fully cleanable solution tanks. In turn, cleaning them eliminates mold, bacteria and other contaminants that can grow in enclosed tanks, thus providing for improved building hygiene. This exclusive feature makes the T-Series ideal for healthcare, food processing plants, grocery retail, and education environments.

* Ergonomic Design-Simple to use, intuitive controls increase operator comfort and help to decrease fatigue, resulting in safer, more productive scrubbing. In addition, clear site lines and simple controls increase safety for everyone by allowing operators to focus on their environment and the people around them.

* Water Pick-Up - With its factory set equal-pressure, parabolic squeegee, the T-Series ensures that virtually no water is left behind on a clean floor surface-even around 180-degree turns. This water pick-up increases safety and cleaning performance.

In addition to these technologies and features, the T-Series also incorporates industry standard features, including high cleaning performance in a variety of applications, excellent reliability, and a compact, maneuverable design that allows for safe and easy cleaning of tight spaces and aisles. The T-Series includes the T3 510mm Walk Behind and T7 600mm and 800mm Rider Scrubbers.

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