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Process data loggers for 4-20mA signals

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article image T-Tec7 data logger -- with display.

T-TEC data loggers, from Temperature Technology , are battery powered instruments with memory for collection of data. T-TEC 7-3A has display for indication of input values, T-TEC 6-A does not have a display.

The data logger must be connected to a PC to start the logging and to download collected data. It can work unattended during the measurement phase.

Graphic software provides options for initial settings and for extracting of information. The T-TEC software can then show the data in form of a graph or in table form for documentation.

Files from up to eight different locations may be called up simultaneously.

The T-TEC Data logger range has now been extended with loggers that accept input of 4-20mA from transmitters. The range may be scaled by the user to show the actual engineering units.

The system offers a unique calibration feature. Whatever the input represents, it may be pressure, PH, dissolved chlorine, viscosity, temperature, humidity, levels, speeds, decibel etc., the values can be shown on the display and on the graph.

Field calibration can be made if two or more reliable reference values are available for measuring. For example, to calibrate 4-20mA = 2-12PH, you may use reference solutions of 4 and 10PH.

In the software "Calibrate from Measurements" screen, the new values are entered, replacing the default mA values.

This is, in fact, a total calibration because it eliminates any errors from sensors, transmitters and other areas of the measurement circuit.

When downloading the logged file to the computer the graph will show the engineering values that the user has entered. T-TEC 7-A will also show the engineering units on the display.

Another option is to calibrate the data logger without reference inputs, just by entering the theoretical values from the transmitter.

The T-TEC data loggers for mA are very affordable single channel data loggers, made in Australia. They are sturdy and watertight, so they can stand rough treatment and harsh environments.

The software offers many handy features like design of the graph, zoom, statistics, running average, printouts in various sizes and export to spread sheets.

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