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Temperature Controls Introduces New ‘Ex n’ Non-Sparking Temperature Sensors

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article image New ‘Ex n’ Non-Sparking Temperature Sensor

Temperature Controls  introduces a new range of non-sparking temperature sensors designed for use in hazardous environments.  

The temperature sensors are built to meet the new International Standard IEC 60079-15 : 2010 Equipment Protection ‘n’, recently introduced to cover the certification of equipment suitable for use in Zone 2 Hazardous Areas.  

Electrical equipment and instrumentation including RTD or thermocouple temperature sensors are considered a source of ignition and must therefore be designed to meet ‘Ex n’ non sparking requirements, wherein the non-sparking characteristics must be maintained and heat kept to safe levels suitable for the specific hazardous environment.  

This new standard specifies that RTD temperature sensors and thermocouples are considered to be apparatus that are not capable of igniting a surrounding gas atmosphere in normal operation or in certain specified regular occurrences.    

Additionally, no further certification is required for the equipment; however all equipment installed must comply with the International Standard.  

To ensure that the RTD and thermocouple temperature sensors supplied by Temperature Controls comply with IEC 60079-15: 2010, new manufacturing and testing procedures have been developed by Temperature Controls and audited by Simtars Engineering, Testing and Certification Centre with Test Report No NE10/0037 issued to confirm compliance.  

RTD or thermocouple temperature sensors from Temperature Controls meeting the requirements of the new standard will be supplied with a serial number and Certificate of Compliance to enable traceability of equipment during Hazardous Area Installation inspections.

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