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Earning an established reputation for quality equipment supply in design and construction projects and wastewater treatment, TEMA Engineers offer the right solution for your filtration needs.

TEMA CWUF Sand Filters
  • The innovative sand filtration process of the CWUF does not require backwashing for an uninterrupted washing and recycling process
  • A continuous mode of operation means no backwash tanks, pumps, sequencing controls, low head loss and treatment of liquids dense with suspended solids
Pressure Sand Filters and GAC Filters
  • The pressure sand and GAC filters are the perfect solution to filters integrated into a pressurised reticulation system and gravity filters
  • Made in standard design from fibreglass, pressures can be of 2.5 bars, 4 bars or 6 bars for greater control options
  • Filters can be made of arm collectors or nozzle plates and configured vertically or horizontally to suit your needs
LAMELLA Sediment Separators
  • Using a series of inclined parallel plates the LAMELLA Gravity Settler is able to perform the same functions as a conventional clarifier or settling basin in a smaller space
  • Reduced physical size allows for lower total installation costs and overall lower maintenance costs having no moving parts
  • An exclusive patented distribution flow removes possibility of short circuiting
Whatever you water treatment and filter requirements TEMA Engineers offers quality equipment and solutions. Tema Engineers information and contact details

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