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Tema Lamella water separators for clarifying and purifying raw water and effluent treatment

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Lamella water separators from Tema Engineers are used for the sedimentation stage of potable water, industrial and municipal effluent treatment. This range of water separators offers a number of different features and Tema’s experienced engineers can customise standard models for specific requirements.

Lamella water separators are widely used for the purification of raw water and primary and secondary effluents, and the recirculation of process and backwash water in a number of industries.

The Lamella water seperators’ compact design reduces space requirements by as much as 90% compared with a settling basin; each square metre of space occupied by a unit provides up to 10m² of settling area.

In addition, the water separator is supplied as a complete unit, minimising installation costs. The unit contains only a few moving parts, delivering reliable operation and low maintenance costs.

The clarification process takes place in two stages:

  1. Distribution And Settlement: Liquid flows downward through a central inlet chamber and is distributed to inclined parallel plates. Solids settle on the plates and slide into the sludge hopper below. In the hopper, the sludge is thickened prior to discharge.
  2. Collection: The clarified liquid leaves the plate assembly through openings at the top where it is discharged into collection channels.
Typical applications for Lamella water seperators:
  • Ceramics and glass industries
  • Gravel and concrete works
  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Tourism and Resorts
  • Food processing
  • Environmental decontamination
  • Steel and Iron cooling water

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