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Tema Engineers offers Water Treatment Services

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Tema Engineers  specialises in the manufacture and installation of water treatment equipment which include the following:

Lamella separators – Lamella separators are used to settle out suspended solids from wastewater or potable water supply.

Lamella separators can be installed in primary and/or secondary settling processes. The compact design of the Lamella separator reduces space requirements by as much as 90% as compared to a settling basin.

Compact single or multiple Lamella modules can be installed into existing primary settlement basins and secondary clarifiers to expand the capacity of existing tanks or new plants to reduce footprints.

CWUF sand filters - CWUF sand filters are used to treat water with low suspended solids. They are also highly effective in removing water treatment by-products. They are often used in tandem with a Lamella separator.

The CWUF sand filter can purify water from a Lamella to meet potable water supply and waste water discharge standards.

To eliminate problems of water taste and smell caused by algae, biological degradation can be combined with the standard sand filter media. Granular activated carbon (GAC) can also be used as a filter media to remove organic mater via adsorption.

Membrane filters – These are used to filter complex molecular by-products, viruses and organisms such as Giardia cystsosporidium, from wastewater or potable water supplies.

Tema Engineers manufactures membrane purification systems in space saving skid configurations ready for piping and easy installation into water treatment plants.

Belt Filter Presses and Gravity Drainage Decks – These are used to treat wastewater with high suspended solids or to dewater sludges. They can be skid mounted to be used as mobile plants.

All products from Tema Engineers feature low power requirements and automatic operations to reduce running costs. Tema Engineers’ product design minimises the number of moving parts, delivering reliable operation and low maintenance costs.

Experienced engineers from Tema Engineers can customise and combine standard models to maximise the effectiveness of water treatment facilities.

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