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Tema Engineers specialise in the manufacture and installation of water treatment equipment. Environmental regulation and rising costs for waste discharge make water recycling an essential investment for many industries. Tema Engineers can offer businesses a customised, cost-effective and compact water recycling solution that will save money and help the environment. New environmental legislation has already had a significant impact on charges for water consumption. These costs are expected to rise by another 30% in the next two years. Local government municipal councils and water authorities are increasing their regulation of waste water discharge. This means heavier penalties for untreated wastewater discharge. Increases in water usage and discharge costs mean that water is now classified as a production expense, adding to the per unit cost for production. Lowering water costs will reduce your production cost, making your business more profitable and competitive.

TEMA Engineers specialise in the manufacture and installation of the following water treatment equipment:

  • LAMELLA LS MODEL & CWU F SAND FILTERS - Used to settle out suspended solids from your waste water. The solids can be dewatered further to reduce haulage and landfill costs and the water can be reused within your production processes.
  • CWUF is used to treat wastewater with low suspended solids They are often used in tandem with a Lamella; the CWUF filter can further purify water from a Lamella to meet water supply standards for production processes and the Lamella can be used to treat the backwash water from the CWUF.
  • BELT FILTER PRESSES AND GRAVITY DRAINAGE DECKS - Used to treat wastewater with high suspended solids or to dewater sludges. The solid by products are cheaper to dispose of and the treated water is suitable for reuse or discharge
  • MEMBRANE FIL TERS - Used to filter complex molecular by products from wastewater.
Businesses can conduct a simple assessment to determine how much money could be saved by recycling your wastewater:
Step 1 –
  • Review costs: A water treatment solution could reduce costs in a number of areas
  • Review utilities accounts
  • Check your level of water usage (kilolitres per month)
  • Check your water discharge rates (kilolitres per month)
  • Is there a quarterly licence discharge fee?
  • Check for any specific chemical discharge fees that apply to wastewater
  • What are the water authority discharge inspection analysis fees?
  • What are haulage costs for liquid waste by products?
  • Does the company pay any land fills dumping fees?
Step 2 – Test wastewater

A couple of simple tests will determine basic water treatment needs:

  • A rise rate settlement test will assess how readily the suspended solids will separate from wastewater
  • Laboratory analysis showing the chemical content, pH and suspended solids of wastewater can usually be provided by water authority
Armed with this information, Tema engineers can assess the benefits of an inhouse waste treatment solution for individual businesses. A further site inspection will provide a complete cost saving, water treatment proposal. Tema can save companies even more money by advising on government grants or schemes available for water conservation and recycling. They can also help buisnesses find a finance partner for capital investment in water recycling projects.

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