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Membrane filters for high performance filtration from Tema Engineers

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The Tema Membrane filter range provides high performance filtration for removing a wide range of soluble contaminants such as chemicals, sludges, microbiology and salinity from potable and wastewater.

Benefits of these membrane filters

These membrane filters offer a safe, high performance and low cost filtration solution. They operate in a fully closed system enabling treatment of potentially hazardous wastewater in a clean and safe environment. There is no risk of operators coming into contact with the bacteria or toxins present in the effluent or the air above the tanks. The membranes are
hard wearing and high quality and can be backwashed with fully automated and low cost chemical cleaning solutions.

Other benefits of the membrane filters include:

  • Excellent filtration performance: 6 log removal of bacteria, turbidity << 0.1
  • Use of direct inorganic coagulants enables effective removal of organics and phosphates
  • Compact skid installation design reduces space requirements
  • NTU, Silt Density Index << 3
  • Fully automatic operation enabled by programmable logic controller
  • Low energy consumption: limited to 0,2-0,3 kWh/m³
Typical applications for membrane filters
  • Wastewater Treatment: combines biological treatment and membrane filtration to decontaminate wastewater in a clean and safe environment.
  • Wastewater Polishing: hollow fibre ultra filtration (UF) membranes provide a simple solution to meet the highest standards for wastewater turbidity and microbiology.
  • Potable Water: Ultra Filtration membranes screen all turbidity, bacteria and viruses for the treatment of surface and ground water to potable water standards.
  • Seawater Pre-Treatment: Tema offers a Ultra Filtration membrane specifically developed for seawater pre-treatment offering the highest quality seawater reverse osmosis feed water.

Installation of membrane filters 

Tema Engineers install membrane filters in modular filtration units called skids. Each skid consists of 4 to 40 membrane housings, holding 16 to 160 membrane modules and their construction materials are designed for operation in brackish water or seawater.

Skids can be configured as stand alone units or combined to create large scale filtration plants. Auxiliary equipment may include: an auto-cleaning pre-filter system, raw water pump, backwash pump, chemical dosing systems, air compressor (valve actuation), instruments and programmable logic controller.

Skid connections and other system components can be standardised or designed to meet your plant requirements. Standardised units provide an ideal and economic solution for green field sites and/or upgrades of existing treatment plants.

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