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Lamella Separator LS Model

For those looking for a complete and compact solution, the LS separators from Tema Engineers provide a free standing steel lamella gravity separator in a range of sizes.
LS separators are designed for flows up to 180m³/h. They provide 25 to 120m² of settling area and require a floor area of 1.5 x 3.0m to 2.9 x 4.4m. Multiple LS Lamella separators can be used in parallel to process higher flow rates.

The Lamella Separator LS model can be fitted with a flocculation tank where liquids can be treated with a polymer solution to form floccs, improving the effectiveness of the plate assembly. A sludge discharge scraper is also an option for preventing build up on the sludge hopper.

Lamella Water Separator LP Model

For those with high capacity requirements or who already use a settling basin or tank, the LP separator model delivers plate pack assemblies to increase sedimentation capacity and efficiency.

The LP separators operate in the same way as the free standing LS Lamella seperators. A bottom scraper removes sludge to an external sludge hopper. A surface scraper is also an option for removing floating particles.

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