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Coarse coal centrifuges now avilable from Tema Engineers

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article image Coarse coal centrifuges now avilable from Tema Engineers

Tema Engineers now offer a range of vibratory centrifuges for coarse coal, from the HSG1000 to the large HSG1500/S with up to a 500 tonne/hour capacity. As well, Tema Engineers have developed a new centrifuge – the Gen2 vibratory which incorporates a number of new features, which include:
Siebtechnik vibration system to reduce blockages – over many years this vibration system has proved its reliability.

  • These vibratory centrifuges offer quicker and safer basket replacement – hinged front door and feed pipe simplifies and speeds up this regular maintenance procedure. (Gen2 models only)
  • Faster oil changes – The oil reservoir, oil pump and motor have been positioned to provide easy access for maintenance
  • Vibratory centrifuges feature long Life, reliable operation – Wear linings have been optimised to ensure maximum life under the most arduous conditions
  • Small footprint – For ease of design and improved layout within a CHPP
Tema Engineers have manufactured over 500 HSG vibratory centrifuges which are installed throughout the coal producing regions of Australia and throughout the world. The full range of the TEMA coal centrifuges are manufactured in their ISO9001 Quality accredited factory in Sydney. The HSG vibratory centrifuges have been well and truly proven in the tough coal environment.The vibratory centrifuges are typically used for coarse coal or middlings and allows for a high solids throughput. Transport of the solids over the conical screen basket is achieved because of the relationship between the basket angle and the axial vibration of the basket.

Tema HSG and Gen2 vibratory centrifuges are designed with a two mass operating principle. The screen basket, shaft and bearing housing form the small mass of the vibration system which is coupled via elastic mounts to the large mass, mainly consisting of a cross member and the product housing. The vibrations are generated by rotating off-centre weights in a resonance range lower than the natural vibration of the elastic mounts.This results in a low power requirement to generate very reliable vibration behaviour. When the feed loading increases to the machine, it also causes an increase to the small mass components. This results in lower vibration and speed of the small mass components. This reduction in speed causes the vibration to become more resonant. The result is an automatic increase in the vibration amplitude. Consequently the machine is self-adjusting to fluctuations in the feed within a wide capacity range, resulting in reliable and trouble-free operation.
The profile wires of the wedge wire baskets are made of stainless steel. The feed pipe is made of steel pipe lined with wear resistant alumina tiles. The housing of the vibratory centrifuges is made of carbon steel and is also lined with wear resistant alumina tiles.

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