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Belt filter press for solid-liquid separation

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Tema Engineers has been manufacturing, installing and commissioning belt filter presses for over 20 years.

Solid-liquid separation applications include a very wide range of sludge and slurry dewatering duties. Belt press filters are commonly the most cost-effective mechanical dewatering equipment for ultrafine particles.

A belt press filter uses two permeable filter belts and a number of rollers and includes four process steps: flocculation, free water gravity drainage, compression dewatering and shear dewatering.

A mechanical mixer is included as standard supply to not only improve the flocculation from static mixers but also to provide reliable oversize and tramp material protection. A long gravity drainage section then dewaters the slurry sufficiently so that compression can be increasingly applied by the belts meeting in a wedge formation. In the shear section, a number of increasingly smaller rolls apply high-pressure dewatering.

A Tema belt press filter can be shipped in a container and the two sections are then easily joined. Shipping in a container minimises the risk of transport damage. The frame is made from substantial steel sections and has a high quality paint finish and a large number of parts are manufactured from 316 stainless steel. A pneumatic proportional filter belt alignment system and pneumatic belt tensioning system is used for superior belt tracking and hence longer cloth life.

Sizes available range from 0.5 to 3m belt working widths. The 3m machines can handle up to 120m3/h, and even more when combined with a gravity belt thickener. Solids capacities are dependent on feed particle properties with up to 30tph of fine coal tailings has been processed on a 3m machine.

Tema Engineers also sell belt press filters through overseas distributors and have exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, India and New Zealand.

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