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TEMA Engineers has manufactured, installed, commissioned and serviced over 400 centrifuges in Australia and overseas over the last 30 years.

For the majority of this period Tema Engineers has been the leading manufacturer of centrifuges for the Australian coal industry.

Tema Engineers’ coal centrifuges are manufactured at their Sydney centre. The coal centrifuges are based on machine designs from Tema Engineers’ parent company Siebtechnik GmbH located in Mulheim, Germany.

Non-coal centrifuges are supplied directly from Siebtechnik. Siebtechnik has designed and supplied processing equipment for more than 75 years with more than 50 years of centrifuge experience.

Centrifuge models include vibrating basket, screen-scroll, peeler, pusher, and batch centrifuges, which use centrifugal filtration to achieve low moisture products, while decanter centrifuges use very high g-forces to achieve high solids recoveries.

Vibrating basket centrifuges rely solely on vibration for solids transport through the centrifuge and so are only used for easily dewatered materials.

Screen-scroll, peeler, pusher and decanter centrifuges use a scroll to continuously convey the solids and much higher g-forces can be used to give very low moistures for even fine feeds.

Tema/Siebtechnik centrifuges are used in a wide range of minerals and chemical processing industries including coal, potash, salt, lactose, casein, potash, sand, ammonium sulphate, plastic, silica gel, calcium, calcium sulphate as well as food products such as walnut peels.

In particular, Tema was instrumental in introducing centrifuges into the Australian salt industry and Tema/Siebtechnik centrifuges enjoy an enviable reputation in the Australian/New Zealand diary industry, says Tema.

Tema’s competitive pricing and short delivery has also resulted in centrifuge export orders to China, Indonesia, South Africa, Spain, Vietnam and New Zealand.

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