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Extruders and extruder parts from Telford Smith Engineering

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Telford Smith Engineering  manufacture extruders and individual parts of the extruders including the barrel. Telford Smith Engineering also make replacement barrels. At Telford Smith Engineering, clients can also get their existing barrels reconditioned. Barrels from Telford Smith Engineering are used for moulding and extrusion processes.

Telford Smith Engineering fabricate barrels and line them with nitride or Xaloy bimetalas per client requirements. Xaloy is a bimetal alloy which helps to counteract wear and corrosion. Barrels at Telford Smith Engineering are offered with varying properties according to specific requirements.

Telford Smith Engineering manufacture barrels, keeping in mind the delivery end termination. They also offer tailor-made barrels to suit existing adaptors. Barrels are manufactured considering the requirements of Vee flange, round flange, whether they are drilled, tapped or screw cut and to be connected to a screen changer. Telford Smith Engineering also provide melt pressure and rupture plugs.

Telford Smith Engineering have a range of extrusion machinery to offer. There are extrusion machines for Plastics single screw; Plastics twin screw, compounding and rubber among others. There are gear pumps also available and the new range includes Dynisco Chemical Transfer pumps, MHDP melt pumps, Dynisco Polymer Gear pumps and a few others.

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