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Long range, low power radio transmitter

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article image CE certified radio modules.

CIRCUIT Design’s CDT-TX-01 (transmitter)/CDT-RX-01A (receiver) are CE certified radio modules operating in the 434MHz ISM band.

In addition to the high performance narrow band radio unit, the modules include switch signal input/output processing circuits allowing switch signals to be transmitted and received without the addition of external circuits.

With MSK modulation (FM), they are very resistant to noise and since the receiver has high receive sensitivity of -120dBm, the modules communicates reliably even in weak electric fields.

Available from Telelink Communications , each unit has a unique 32-bit ID and the receiver works only with signals from transmitters with a registered ID. This prevents errors caused by receiving signals from other transmitters operating on the same frequency.

Circuit Design’s remote control units amply demonstrate the safety of this system, which is being used in more than 1 million units.

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