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VTI’s EX1000A series measurement system from TekMark Australia

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article image EX1000A series precision synchronised thermocouple/voltage measurement instrument

VXI Technology (VTI) have introduced their EX1000A series of instruments that integrate signal conditioning, digitisation and software for a complete data acquisition solution for precision temperature and voltage measurements.

VTI’s EX1000A series precision synchronised thermocouple/voltage measurement instruments are available from TekMark Australia .

The new EX1000A series is a measurement system designed to the LXI Class A industry standard which facilitates precise and synchronised measurements in distributed data acquisition applications.

These open-architecture 1U modules also incorporate complete end-to-end self-calibration to provide better measurement accuracy and repeatability.

Thermocouple and voltage channels can be combined in 16, 32 or 48 channel configurations, providing the necessary scalability to build low to high-channel count data acquisition systems for environmental, mechanical and performance test applications.

These new commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) instruments provide lower total cost of ownership through reduced setup time, and improved test integrity and reliability.

The VTI EX1000A series precision synchronised thermocouple/voltage measurement instruments eliminate external cabling to simplify field installation and reduce concerns associated with electrical noise that can corrupt data.

Fully LXI Class A compliant, the EX1000 series hardware trigger subsystem and IEEE-1588 implementation simplifies integration and precise synchronisation of multiple distributed devices in high-speed, high-channel count applications.

Multiple units can be linked using Ethernet cables and switches. The LXI Class A architecture also provides remote web-based monitor and system control capability.

Software packages including VTIcoda and DAC Express speed setup because they are intuitive menu-driven packages that require no programming knowledge to quickly acquire and analyse data.

They eliminate proprietary programming and the need for debugging and programme validation. IVI as well as plug and play drivers provide a familiar application programming interface for those who desire the flexibility to develop programs in virtually all of the popular programming environments and operating systems.

This totally integrated solution from sensor to recorder reduces the system complexity, setup time and expense, and also reduces the possibility of data errors.

Users can also combine thermocouple and analogue signals in the same unit while maintaining independent channel performance and accessibility. These versatile instruments support sampling rates of up to 1000 Sa/sec/ch with typical accuracies of +/- 0.2°C (temperature) or 0.05% + 10µV (voltage).

Each input incorporates an independent signal conditioning path with software selectable filters for maximum flexibility. Complete channel independence ensures data integrity regardless of sample speed or input overload conditions.

Each channel is configured with open transducer detection to provide a constant indication of its status. Embedded in the signal conditioning circuitry, the detection mechanism accurately provides an open circuit indication in the event of a broken or intermittent transducer.

This feature, along with programmable linearisation for all thermocouple types and direct mini-TC connections, helps to simplify installation, as well as checkout and maintenance.

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