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VTI Instruments high-density switch modules from TekMark Australia

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VTI Instruments has announce the release of three new high-density switch modules, the EX1200-3164, -4128 and -6216 available from TekMark Australia . The high-density switch modules further enhance the signal switching capabilities of VTI’s EX1200 precision switch and measure and control product families.

“The addition of these modules further expands the flexibility and versatility that engineers demand to meet ever-changing test system requirements,” said Jon Semancik, Director of Marketing for VTI. “The scalable EX1200 provides cost-effective core platform capabilities without sacrificing performance or signal integrity.”

Test engineers can use the EX1200 high-density switch modules for applications ranging from half rack 1U to full rack 3U without compromising on signal integrity across multiple modules. The EX1200 high-density switch modules include a full-featured 6.5 digit DMM, precision analog and digital I/O modules, and an internal analog expansion bus.

The -3164 high-density switch modules provide 16 independent (1 x 4) multiplexers that can be reconfigured under software control to build up to a single 64-channel multiplexer. When multiplexing various inputs to a common resource this configuration offers flexibility. The -4128 high-density switch modules are (4 x 128) crosspoint multiplexers that allow multiple resources to be shared by multiple output channels. The -6216 enables high-density RF switching capable of supporting two 16-channel 1 GHz multiplexers. 

The new high-density switch modules enable users to build flexible switching subsystems that span DC to light. The simplified software infrastructure of the EX1200 allows path-level switching through an IVI switch interface. The robust soft front panel enables direct monitoring and control without the addition of third-party software.

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