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Tektronix waveform monitors support China’s first 3D TV channel

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Tektronix waveform monitors have been selected by CCTV, China’s central television station to ensure the video quality of the first experimental 3D TV channel that began trials in January 2012.  

Tektronix is a world-leading provider of broadcast video test, monitoring and analysis solutions. China's first experimental 3D television channel is a joint initiative of six TV stations including CCTV.  

Tektronix’s WFM8300 Series waveform monitors have been deployed by CCTV for 3D content verification. As a leading solution for baseband video test, the WFM8300 features a complete range of test options and comes standard with 3D measurement and display support.  

A key requirement in 3D content production is ensuring that the two cameras are well balanced and matched to create high quality 3D effects without causing viewer discomfort. A 3D image is comprised of a Left Eye and Right Eye view feed as two separate HD-SDI signals or combined within a 3G Level B format.  

Tektronix offers several monitoring displays for 3D production teams who are tasked with determining the differences between the Left Eye and Right Eye images. Display options such as the Anaglyph Display, Checkerboard Display, Diamond Display, Disparity Grid and Disparity Cursor help users measure the disparity as well as verify the colour gamut to enable detection and diagnosis from the transmission chain to the program files.  

According to Mr Li Yueshan, Director of CCTV Broadcast Department, the TV station has been using Tektronix instruments for many years and is confident about finding the right solutions from Tektronix.

Felix Wong, Marketing Director, APAC Region, Tektronix comments the company has always been committed to delivering cutting-edge products and solutions to enable their customers to invest in products that will support their future needs.  

He adds that the WFM8300 Series waveform monitors provide unmatched measurement and monitoring performance to monitor diverse video formats from composite analogue to 3G-SDI and 3D on a single platform.

The WFM8300 has won the prestigious BIRTV 2010 Product Award for its 3D measurement capabilities.

Tektronix products are available in Australia through TekMark Australia .

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