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Tektronix’s new handheld oscilloscopes available from TekMark Australia

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World-leading manufacturer of oscilloscopes, Tektronix, Inc. has introduced the THS3000 Series of handheld oscilloscopes designed for high performance, measurement precision and accuracy.  

Designed for engineers and technicians who need to debug, install and repair complex electronic systems in both field and lab environments with precision and accuracy, the THS3000 oscilloscopes offer up to 200 MHz bandwidth and 5 GS/s sample rate for superior performance.  

Engineers are often called upon to measure a variety of signals in a variety of settings. For instance, measurements in many industrial, power generation or power efficiency applications in the lab or the field may include digital and analogue control signals made in conjunction with high voltages and currents.  

Additionally, isolated inputs are required for making high voltage and current measurements safely to minimise operator risk.  

The new THS3000 oscilloscopes from Tektronix deliver on all these requirements in a compact, rugged chassis design.  

Roy Siegel, general manager for oscilloscopes at Tektronix explains that the THS3000 Series has the technical performance for analysis of low voltage analogue and digital control signals while also offering isolated inputs for safely making high voltage floating or differential measurements.  

Key features of THS3000 handheld oscilloscopes:  

  • Lightweight design, 7 hours of battery life and 4 isolated channels enable use in highly demanding conditions
  • Available with either 100 MHz and 2.5 GS/s maximum sampling rate or 200 MHz and 5 GS/s sample rate performance
  • 10,000 point record length in each of four channels allows users to capture extensive signal information at high sample rates
  • Each channel is isolated from the chassis ground and from each other
  • External USB inputs for data storage, instrument setups and PC communication are isolated
  • Enables the user to safely make floating measurements for voltages up to 300 Vrms CAT III when using the included 10X probes or 1000 Vrms CAT II with optional probes
  • 600 Vrms CAT III rated inputs (BNC to earth ground) provided for safe high voltage measurements
  • 21 automated measurements allow users to make several common measurements quickly and accurately
  • Built-in FFT function provides insight into the frequency spectrum of a signal, revealing signal interference, crosstalk or switching noise
  • Can be coupled with Tektronix voltage and current probes to handle power measurements on motor drives, power converters/ inverters and power semiconductor devices
  • Supplied with four 10X passive probes, 7-hour battery, 3-year warranty and OpenChoice desktop software
  • Optional travel kit with hard-sided carrying case
Tektronix’s new handheld oscilloscopes are available from TekMark Australia .

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