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Tektronix acquires Veridae Systems

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Tektronix, supplier of test, measurement and monitoring products and solutions, has announced their acquisition of Veridae Systems, producers of debug and validation technologies.

Veridae Systems Inc. was founded in 2009 to commercialise research from the University of British Columbia.  Veridae Systems are the producers of the ASIC/FPGA prototyping debug, ASIC post silicon validation and FPGA-based system production validation.  These products were the first to deliver a systematic ‘design for validation’ approach to the market, as well as key features such as synchronised view of multi-device systems both on and off-chip, across devices and timing domains.  Veridae Systems has shortened the key debug problems from weeks, months to a few hours to resolve.

"Veridae is solving an ever increasing challenge faced by our customers – debug and validation of their complex systems,” says Amir Aghdaei, President of Tektronix. “The combination of Veridae and Tektronix solutions will provide significant cost saving to our customers while accelerating their time to market.”

Tektronix has made a long-term commitment to grow an embedded capture business unit in Vancouver, BC

TekMark Australia is the sole authorised Australian dealer for Tektronix instrumentation products.

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