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Tektronix Oscilloscopes Available from TekMark Australia with Floating Licenses

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Tektronix’s Performance Scope Product Line announces floating licenses for MSO/DPO5000, DPO7000, DPO/DSA70000 and MSO70000 series oscilloscopes.  

Floating licenses provide the capability to move a software option from one oscilloscope to another, helping customers with distributed teams and several Tektronix scopes in their inventory.    

Floating licenses allow customers to share applications when their teams are distributed, move applications from old to new oscilloscopes or ensure continued availability of the application when the oscilloscope is under service or repair.  

Tektronix’s fixed license offering remains unchanged.  

The floating licenses are enabled through an easy online licensing management system.  

Move an application’s license from one oscilloscope to another

Customers can move a license for an application from one oscilloscope to another by simply checking the license in and checking it out for another oscilloscope.  

The process is made simpler by Tektronix managing all the customers’ licenses online via their secure server.  

Share application licenses across geographies

The online license management system enables anywhere, anytime access for customers to the licenses. All the user needs is a myTek account with access to their company’s floating licenses to easily check in/out a license.  

Control and track licenses

Each floating license purchase is associated with a single License Key Manager who is the main purchaser (e.g. the validation team manager). The License Key Manager has the authority to add users who can access the floating licenses.  

Each check-out of the floating license requires the user to enter their contact details along with the oscilloscope’s model number, serial number and location ensuring easy tracking.  

Smart checks before check-out

The system will validate the oscilloscope capability and warn of dependencies before allowing the user to check-out a license. This check prohibits the user from checking out a license for an oscilloscope with the wrong specifications.  

No extra hardware, network or manpower required

Since the licensing system is fully online, the license check-out/in is via license file download and upload. This can be done on any computer through password-protected individual logins and doesn’t require the oscilloscope to be on the corporate LAN or on the Internet.  

Key features of Tektronix floating licenses:  

  • Network not required to check-in/out license
  • Independent of customer’s corporate network structure
  • No hardware setup requirements
  • Saves on manpower to manage licenses
  • Identifies owner, location and duration of license check-out
  • License can be found even if scope is offline or shut down
  • Validates capability and dependencies even before license check-out
  • Controls who can find and check-out licenses
  • Allows licenses to be issued for demo purposes that are time limited
  • Rental businesses can use and track licenses easily

Tektronix oscilloscopes are available in Australia from TekMark Australia .

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