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Tektronix Expands Logic Analyzers Family with New Mid-Range Offering

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TekMark Australia  offers the new TLA6000 Series of logic analyzers recently introduced by Tektronix, Inc.

Tektronix, Inc. is a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation.

The new TLA6000 Series of logic analyzers is designed to deliver powerful high-end debug and analysis capabilities to mainstream embedded systems designers at affordable price points.

TLA6000 analysers deliver performance and functional capabilities previously only found on the high-performance TLA7000 Series of debug instruments at a much lower price while offering more capabilities than the portable TLA5000 Series models.

Higher signal speeds and increased board densities often lead to signal integrity issues such as crosstalk, ground bounce and ringing that show up as functional failures in the digital system. These logic analysers give engineers a complete toolset to help them quickly find, isolate and debug these hard-to-isolate issues.

Dave Farrell, Director, Logic Analyzer Product Line at Tektronix says that the new TLA6000 Series expands their logic analyser portfolio, delivering a highly developed tool for resolving complex signal integrity issues.

Listing out the capabilities, he adds that the logic analysers offer advantages such as:

  • Comprehensive suite of signal integrity tools
  • Superior performance
  • Ease-of-use with features including drag and drop triggering
  • Advanced analysis tools for digital system applications such as FPGAs, DDR and MIPI

Performance for Demanding Applications

The TLA6000 Series of logic analyzers is available in 68, 102 and 136 digital channel configurations with 125 ps high speed timing on all channels, up to 450 MHz state timing and up to 128 Mb record length.  

This level of performance represents a significant price-performance breakthrough and is intended to meet the growing demand for more performance among embedded engineers.

Key features of the TLA6000 Series logic analyzers

  • Enhanced engineering productivity with advanced features such as iCapture multiplexing that uses a single logic analyser probe for simultaneous digital and analogue acquisition
  • Glitch trigger and storage allows users to trigger on and display observed signal integrity faults
  • iView display provides a useful time-correlated view of both logic analyser and oscilloscope data on the same display 
  • Simple and intuitive instrument setup saves time in busy lab environments with accelerated design cycles 

TLA6000 Series logic analysers find use in a broad range of debug and analysis applications including signal integrity analysis, FPGA debug and verification, MIPI protocol analysis, memory system validation as well as embedded software integration and debug.


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