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Tekmark releases AWG7000 series of arbitrary waveform generators

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Tektronix, Inc. a leading, worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation has released new AWG7000 series of arbitrary waveform generators (AWG).

The AWG7000 is designed to meet the test needs for high-speed serial data buses and wideband digital RF devices. With 5.8 GHz bandwidth, 10 bit resolution, and sample rates up to 20 GS/s, the AWG7000 is an AWG that can produce high-speed real-life waveforms with imperfections including noise, jitter, pre/de-emphasis and multi-level signaling up to 10 Gb/s.

The AWG7000 is a fat, capable, and versatile signal source available for high-speed serial and wideband RF signals.

Design engineers who are developing new technologies such as SATAIII, PCI Express 2, 2x XAUI, HDMI 1.3, ultra-wideband (UWB), the new storage devices and radar need to process large amounts of data at faster speeds, broader bandwidths and higher frequencies, and often involving the new high-speed standards.

An AWG is used by engineers in design and test processes to create, replicate and generate either ideal, distorted or real-life signals including noise, jitter, glitches and other imperfections to assist with prototype, debug, verification, and standards compliance for the new serial data or wideband digital RF designs.

According to Tektronix, Engineers have told it that they need greater performance, capability, and versatility from their signal source to keep pace with the new technology. Tektronix designed the AWG7000 to minimise complexity for users and to provide the performance needed to match increasing serial data rates and the advance of wideband digital RF technologies.

The AWG7000 can create, replicate or generate any signal and can generate up to six signals simultaneously. No other AWG can match the performance, capability and flexibility of the AWG7000. The AWG7000 will assist engineers with the development of better products and with a lower investment of time and money.

According to Intel Corporation Engineers working with high-speed serial technologies such as the next generation of PCI Express need high performance testing tools to simulate real-world conditions. Companies such as Tektronix are developing tools to provide the capabilities that designers need to appropriately stress test their high-speed designs.

New digital to analogue converter (DAC) powers high speed AWG

The AWG7000 Series is based upon a new high performance platform that incorporates a new Digital-to-Analogue (DAC) converter to produce greater precision and performance. The DAC utilises an IBM silicon germanium (SiGe) 7HP process that increases vertical resolution and sample rate to establish new performance benchmarks for signal fidelity and timing resolution.

With the flexibility to create, replicate and generate virtually any type of signal, the AWG7000 is a capable and versatile signal source available.

The sample rate has increased from 4.2 GS/s in previous generation products to 20 GS/s with the AWG7000 Series providing engineers with 4x the performance compared to any other AWG. The AWG7000 is able to generate signals including imperfections such as noise and jitter up to 10 Gb/s with 45ps rise time (20/80) for high-speed serial data applications and modulated digital RF/IF signals of 5 GHz for wideband applications including advanced radar.

The combination of industry-leading AWG7000 performance attributes matches the test needs of new generations of high-speed serial and wideband digital RF technologies.

According to X-COM Systems, engineering is constantly under pressure to develop products faster and more cost effectively. As system designs become more advanced and complex, the ability to create accurate signals in a realistic test environment becomes increasingly important.

The user interface and waveform development tools of the AWG7000 enable engineers to easily generate, early in the development process, the exact waveform, data stream or mixed signal needed for testing design concepts before committing them to hardware. The Tektronix AWG7000 provides breakthrough performance and more capabilities and ease of use than any signal source that is seen. The AWG7000 will definitely improve X-COM Systems’ ability to develop leading products and solutions for its customers.

Greater capability and productivity

Tektronix User Experience designers researched signal source customer usage patterns and needs to determine requirements for the AWG7000. Based upon this research, the AWG7000 is equipped with a 10.4 inch LCD touch screen colour display and an intuitive user interface employing Windows XP to help engineers be more productive.

Connectivity features include GPIB and Gigabit Ethernet. The AWG7000 units come with 1 or 2 analogue channels and 2 and 4 marker outputs enabling the generation of mixed-signal waveforms that provide for analogue signals and digital control channels.

The AWG7000 enables easy data interchange with third-party software including MatLab, MathCad and Microsoft Excel, which are often used in the creation and generation of waveforms, data streams and mixed signals as an aid to design, prototype, debug and test compliance of the new products.

The AWG7000 Series is available immediately for order from TeKMark .

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