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Tekmark real-time spectrum analyser in Hot 100 list

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Tektronix, a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation respresented in Australia by Tekmark, announced that the RSA6100A Series Real-time Spectrum Analyser has been named one of the “Hot 100 Products of 2006” by EDN. The recognition honors top products of the year built by and for electronics engineers that have advanced the state-of-the-art in electronics. 

"EDN editors cover an amazingly broad technology base and see compelling products across the spectrum throughout the year,” said Maury Wright, Editor in Chief, EDN.

“The Hot 100 highlights the best of the products from our feature and new-product articles and web coverage over the course of the year.  From components to processors to test instruments, each of these 100 stands out in the crowd.”

“We greatly appreciate being recognized by the editors of EDN as a ‘Hot 100 Product of 2006," said Rick King, Vice President, Real-Time Spectrum Analyser Product Line, Tektronix.

“The RSA6100A with DPx technology provides unique signal visualisation capabilities enabling engineers to directly view signal spectral characteristics that are critical to the proper operation of advanced wireless communications devices and networks.  It is exciting and rewarding for us at Tektronix to be able to enable our customers with this innovation that goes far beyond specification improvements, and gives customers the benefit of what they describe as a live view of their RF signals.  This new live RF view along with industry-leading 110 MHz real-time bandwidth simultaneous with 73 dB spurious-free dynamic range positions the RSA6100A as the ideal tool for designers to advance the new digital RF world."

Test instruments for digital RF require wide bandwidth with high dynamic range, fast signal capture, and the ability to fully correlate the time, frequency, and modulation domains.  The RSA6100A series DPX waveform image processor technology transforms volumes of real-time data to produce a live RF spectrum presentation that reveals previously unseen RF signals and signal anomalies. 

Live RF is achieved by improving the spectrum measurement rate nearly 1000 times compared to the fastest swept spectrum and vector signal analysers (VSA).  The revolutionary Live RF spectrum display provides an intuitive live color view of signal transients changing over time in the frequency domain, giving a user immediate confidence in the stability of their design, or instantly displaying a fault when it occurs.   

The RSA6100A provides a unique Frequency Mask Trigger (FMT) that allows the user to trigger a measurement based on the occurrence of a unique pattern of events in the spectrum, including triggering on weak transient signals while ignoring strong known signals.  

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