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TekMark supply the Australian Defence Force with Tektronix digital phosphor oscilloscopes

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article image The digital phosphor oscilloscopes will augment the ADF's fleet of test equipment
TekMark Australia has recently supplied 251 Tektronix 500MHz digital phosphor oscilloscopes to the Australian Defence Force, who will use them to augment their fleet of test equipment.

In conjunction with Tektronix, TekMark have now shipped the final 251 units of their TDS3054C, 500MHz, 4 Channel digital phosphor oscilloscopes to the Defence Force.

Domenic Pupo, General Manager of TekMark Australia commented, “we are delighted that the ADF are continuing with a tried and proven oscilloscope platform, and that the Australian Defence Forces have chosen to go with TekMark Australia and Tektronix’s proven world class oscilloscope, the TDS3054C”.

The oscilloscopes are extremely versatile, which makes them perfect for all aspects of electronic test and measurement, maintenance and R&D within the military, both in the field and laboratory.

Mr. Pupo notes that the oscilloscopes are popular throughout the world, “from the RAAF flight line, ILS and maintenance through to EW applications, the TDS3000C Series has a proven and well defined track record within all major defence organisations and contractors worldwide”.

This particular model of oscilloscope belongs to a portfolio of digital phosphor oscilloscopes that have been designed with mainstream electronic designers in mind.

These professionals display, store and analyse dynamic, complex signals and as such they require a device that is able to fulfil such functions while simultaneously providing excellent performance, portability and affordability.

Notable features of the TDS3000C oscilloscopes include:Bandwidths of up to 500 MHz
  • Greater than 5 times over-sampling (digital real-time sampling)
  • 9-bit digitising performance 
  • A fast waveform capture rate 
  • Real-time intensity grading 
  • Simple and familiar navigation
  • Dedicated front panel controls
  • Quick Menus for enhanced efficiency 
  • USB flash drive for data storage 
  • Optional TDS3BATC Li-ION battery pack
The oscilloscopes operate consistently with any number of channels, which makes them simple and easy to use.

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