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TekMark releases new avionics kit for maintaining aircraft

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article image E20/20 TDR avionics kit

AEA Technology, Inc. announces the availability of the new E20/20 TDR avionics kit.

Designed for companies building, upgrading or maintaining all types of aircraft, the new E20/20 TDR avionics kit is capable of testing and troubleshooting metallic wiring in the aircraft including coax, twisted pairs and single-wires in a harness as well as aircraft power cables. The kit is designed specifically for testing and fault locating on aircraft wiring.

Supplied in a rugged hard case with altitude compensation and ATA 300 certification, the kit is designed to secure the TDR and all accessories individually from accidental loss, meeting the anti-FOD (Foreign Object Damage) requirement for aviation facilities. 

The E20/20 TDR avionics kit is labelled for technicians to ensure all accessories are present, and can be easily located. Accessories include eight specialised test leads for connecting to standard aircraft connectors.

The TDR’s Cable List has an aircraft wiring list pre-installed. Engineers can customise and create individual aircraft lists using the ETDR PC Vision software supplied with the kit. The kit also includes a Certificate of Calibration for the E20/20 Step TDR as standard.

The E20/20 Step TDR provides highly accurate cable lengths, distance to faults, cable’s impedance reading over its length, and more. 

Introduced at the MRO Americas Conference in Atlanta, Georgia and the AMC/AEEC Aviation Conference in Orlando, Florida this spring, the E20/20 TDR avionics kit was well received by an enthusiastic audience of engineers, maintenance supervisors, and technicians looking to replace the aging Tektronix 1502C Step TDRs. 

Boeing Aircraft is the product’s largest US customer and purchases these units for use at their aircraft and satellite production facilities. 

AEA Technology plans to introduce the E20/20 TDR avionics kit to every aircraft manufacturer and maintenance facility in the world over the next year. 

The E20/20 TDR avionics kit is available from TekMark Australia .

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