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Quantum Data Announces Release of the DDC Monitoring on 780 Handheld Test Instrument for HDMI

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Quantum Data™, a worldwide provider of video test equipment has announced the release of an Auxiliary Channel Analyzer (ACA) feature on the 780 Handheld Test Instrument for HDMI.  

The 780 is a battery-powered, portable multimedia A/V signal generator and analyzer that can quickly check the HDMI digital ports on HDMI 1.3 devices such as HDTVs, projectors, repeaters, A/V receivers, players and set-top boxes.

The 780 instrument's optional Auxiliary Channel Analyzer (ACA) feature is available in two configurations: 

  • Emulation monitoring mode where the 780 monitors the DDC channel(s) and hot plug events while emulating an HDMI source or sink device (available now)
  • Passive monitoring mode where the 780 passively monitors the DDC channel(s), hot plug events and CEC buses (available soon)

The ability to passively monitor two separate sets of auxiliary data is especially useful for analysing interoperability problems in an HDMI system comprised of three devices (source, repeater and sink).

The ACA features enable installers, lab technicians and engineers to monitor DDC transactions such as HDCP and EDID as well as hot plug related events while emulating device(s) in the HDMI system.

Since the 780 can emulate a known good source and/or a known good sink, operators can sequentially substitute for each device in the system to isolate an interoperability problem.

The 780 can even monitor on both sides of a repeater device while emulating both the source and sink devices for trouble isolation.

With the 780 ACA passive monitoring capabilities, users can connect to an HDMI system to passively monitor each side of a repeater device such as an A/V receiver.

The 780's ACA feature offers the additional flexibility to monitor passively on one side of an HDMI system while emulating an HDMI device and monitoring its transactions on the other side.

Alternatively, troubleshooting personnel can emulate the HDTV connected to the output side of an A/V receiver while passively monitoring the upstream side between the STB and the input of the A/V receiver.

In each case, the two sides of the HDMI-HDCP system transactions – upstream and downstream – are shown interleaved on the 780 GUI to provide an integrated view.

The ability to substitute for each device in an HDMI system, one by one while emulating a known-good device and monitoring all transactions – upstream and downstream – is critical for troubleshooting HDMI interoperability problems especially when one can passively monitor one side of the HDMI system and emulate the other side.

The DDC transactions, CEC messages and hot plug events are decoded and presented sequentially on the 780's colour display.

The 780 combines versatility as well as portability with ease of use and is available at an attractive price. Whether in the development lab or out in the field, the 780 is an ideal tool for investigating interoperability problems or conducting routine testing of sources and sinks.

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