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New oscilloscope applications are aiding R&D engineers make automotive manufacturing safer

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GW Instek introduces a brand new application for GDS-2000A digital oscilloscopes in the automobile industry – the CAN/LIN bus measurement solution. 

The transmission of electronic signals in everything from electronic security systems to automotive stereo equipment determines automobile safety and driver's convenience. For instance, the CPU transmits signals to peripheral safety equipment such as the ABS or the airbags. In the blink of an eye, the quality of electronic signals decides the automobile’s fundamental safety during an accident. 

CAN bus transmission is often applied to the electronic signal transmission for automobile safety systems while LIN bus is often applied to the control and operation of peripheral electronic equipment.

GW Instek GDS-2000A oscilloscope CAN/LIN bus test solutions   

The CAN/LIN bus test solution, with trigger and decoding functions developed by GW Instek is a standard application equipped for the MSO logic analyzer module. When engineers are conducting CAN/LIN bus circuit development and debugging, GDS-2000A oscilloscopes can trigger packages from different CAN/LIN bus signals for users to clearly observe every package in transmission process and check if there are any errors in the analogue signal, which represents each package so as to increase the efficiency of mixed signal measurement and debugging. In addition, GDS-2000A oscilloscopes can conduct CAN/LIN bus decoding function to assist engineers to expedite the data reading timeframe.   

GW Instek has successfully developed the brand new CAN bus and LIN bus trigger and decoding functions as logic analyser options for GDS-2000A digital oscilloscopes. The two functions not only help automobile R&D engineers effectively detect the quality of CAN and LIN bus transmission, but also expedite the timeframe of automobile component assembly and integration. 

CAN and LIN bus transmission quality greatly determines overall safety and electrical characteristic quality of automobiles. Utilising an excellent digital oscilloscope installed with CAN bus and LIN bus trigger and decoding functions can tremendously shorten development timeframe and debugging time, and increase development efficiency. 

These two free functions can be installed for GDS-2000A users with firmware V1.18. Alternatively, users can download the demo applications from the official GW Instek website. 

GW Instek is represented in Australia by TekMark Australia .

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