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Multi-format waveform monitors

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article image The new waveform monitors.

TEKTRONIX has announced a new family of multi-format waveform monitors that enable customers to achieve the quality levels required for video production, distribution, and broadcasting.

Available from TekMark Australia , the new WFM6100, WFM7000 and WFM7100 waveform monitors offer performance, reliability and flexibility to help video professionals produce and deliver high quality video and audio content for mixed-format systems in the emerging digital era.

The transition from analogue to digital video has created new business and technical requirements for video and audio monitoring solutions. Customers need to manage more complex and rapidly changing technologies.

They are looking for highly-capable, cost-effective, easy-to-use waveform monitoring solutions that help them take full advantage of the emerging higher performance digital technologies while maintaining their revenue-generating analog systems.

With the new WFM6100 and the WFM7000 Series, customers purchase need only the monitoring and measurement capabilities they currently require and can later upgrade the instruments to meet new requirements.

These new products offer customers the widest range of product configurations and upgrades, and industry-first capabilities that enable the seamless migration from composite video configurations to complete HD/SD/composite solutions.

Flexible, robust waveform monitors

The three new multi-format waveform monitors allow customers to select the exact configuration that best supports their business needs.

The SD-capable WFM6100 multi-format waveform monitor offers high performance monitoring and measurement capabilities for systems using composite analog video and SD digital video formats.

The HD-capable WFM7000 and WFM7100 multi-format waveform monitors help customer manage hybrid HD/SD/composite video systems.

The WFM7000 addresses basic monitoring needs, while the WFM7100 has additional capabilities for high-performance monitoring and measurement. Available options include support for monitoring digital audio, both embedded and discreet AES/EBU inputs, and analog audio formats.

The WFM6100 and WFM7100 audio monitoring, high-performance SDI signal also offer options for Dolby measurement and in-depth digital data analysis. All units provide an integrated high-resolution XGA display.

Fast and efficient content monitoring

The combination of monitoring and measurement capabilities and unique user interface capabilities in the new WFM6100, WFM7000 and WFM7100 monitors allow smaller production, operations and engineering staffs to efficiently monitor more content.

The WFM6100 and the WFM7000 Series reduce time and effort in equipment setup and more rapidly detect and diagnose problems before they become customer complaints.

The monitors offer the new MyMenu feature that allows users to place their most frequently used functions in a single on-screen menu. MyMenu enables a customer to create a menu tailored to the needs of an organisation or an individual. This streamlines instrument operation by giving users fast and easy access to their most valued functions.

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