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GSP-930 3GHz spectrum analysers from TekMark Australia

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TekMark Australia  announces the introduction of the GSP-930, a new line of 3GHz spectrum analysers designed on a new generation platform.  

Standout features of the GSP-930 such as a large screen display, lightweight and compact size, abundant communication interfaces, user-friendly operation and battery power operation benchmark a new standard for 3GHz spectrum analysers in the market while advanced features such as Spectrogram and Topography greatly expand the application range.  

GSP-930 3GHz spectrum analysers provide a high frequency-stability of 25ppb (0.025ppm) and a very low noise floor of -142dBm (pre-amplifier on) as the high sensibility measurement base. The flexible selection among 58 RBW ranges along with Spectrogram and Topographic features enable the GSP-930 to capture and display transient, drifting and hopping signals in detail.  

Features such as Spectrum Emission Mask (SEM), power measurements, AM/FM analysis and TOI/CNR/CSO/CTB measurements make the GSP-930 the right fit in a broad range of applications.  

GSP-930 3GHz spectrum analysers feature a user-friendly design with an onscreen help function guiding the user through the measurement processes. Useful icons on the display clearly indicate the current setting and operation status of the product, allowing the user to handle the measurement scenario all at a glance.  

The wake-up clock automatically powers up the GSP-930 at the user’s pre-set time, allowing the instrument to warm up in advance before the measurements are made to ensure accuracy.  

Key features of GSP-930 3GHz spectrum analysers:  

  • High stability for both frequency and amplitude measurements
  • Wide measurement range with built-in pre-amplifier
  • Digital IF design provides wide RBW selections with high accuracy
  • Advanced display modes paraphrase the signal into different views
  • Four measurement traces under four measurement modes with display-and-detector-independent settings
  • Spectrum emission mask for a variety of communication standards
  • Gate sweep function enables gated measurement over a complete time slot of periodically emitted signals, allowing TD signal measurements
  • Multiple power analysis functions for telecom channel measurements
  • Built-in functions for CNR, CSO and CTB measurements check performance of CATV systems
  • Enhanced AM/FM demodulation/analysis functions perform various parameter measurements
  • Correction table compensates frequency characteristics of test apparatus and increases measurement accuracy
  • User-friendly design with built-in onscreen help function
  • Optional PWS-06 power sensor provides average power measurement function for RF signals
  • Compact size, light weight (4kg) and battery power operation ideal for outdoor applications
  • Equipped with various interfaces including LXI, USB, RS-232 and GPIB (optional)
  • Micro SD slot and USB Host interface enable memory size expansion for mass data storage

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