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Tecpro releases powerful spray nozzle Bazooka hose assembly

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Tecpro Australia introduces the Bazooka, a powerful new spray nozzle hose assembly designed to blast away dirt and grime in tough industrial cleaning jobs.

Based on Tecpro’s specialist expertise in spray nozzles and hose nozzle products, the new Bazooka delivers an excellent solution for cleaning jobs in challenging environments.

Tecpro Australia’s Managing Director Graeme Cooper explains that they receive several enquiries from people responsible for worksites that are particularly grimy such as coal mines. Such environments demand a highly durable washdown nozzle assembly that can handle rough conditions and produce a powerful jet of water to clean very dirty surfaces.

Made from stainless steel and brass, the Bazooka is specially designed to address harsh environment requirements and features a robust hose nozzle assembly. According to Mr Cooper, the complete metal construction makes the Bazooka much stronger than standard spray guns on the market. The design also incorporates fewer parts to minimise maintenance requirements. A swivel on the inlet makes the assembly easy to handle, relieving strain on the wrist.

Key features of the Bazooka spray nozzle hose assembly include a unique nozzle that funnels water to create a powerful, laminar flow; consistent flow produced at high pressure to blast away tough grime; choice of two sizes with the full size unit fitting a one-inch hose, and the Mini Bazooka fitting a three-quarter or one-inch hose; and a valve to quickly turn the flow on or off.

Mr Cooper adds that the Bazooka uses less water to produce such a powerful cleaning jet, compared to traditional washdown guns.

Tecpro also offers customisation options for the Bazooka to match the specific needs of individual customers.

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