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Convert a huge range of engineering units more quickly and easily with this download from the revamped Tecpro Australia website.

The Tecpro Engineering Unit Converter provides more than 330 units of measurement in 24 different categories. Designed to provide quick and accurate conversion calculations between different units of measurement in a variety of engineering fields, this ingenious utility is endlessly useful to calculate everything from time and temperatures, flow rates and pressures and much more.

Extremely easy to use and simply a quick click away on a computer desktop, the Tecpro Engineering Unit Converter takes the headache out of laborious unit conversions. Simply select the desired units of measurement from the easy-to-read display, type in a value and click convert.

This clever converter also automatically saves an editable log of each conversion calculation. This allows the user to keep track of complicated and detailed sequences of measurements or simply save the most common conversions for quick reference. It is even possible to email or print-out the log for colleagues and clients or as a quick reference away from the computer. The converter also features its own handy pop-out calculator.

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