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Tecpro Australia supply fog nozzles and fog makers for dust suppression

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article image Tecpro Australia's dust suppression systems.

Tecpro Australia ’s range of fogging nozzles and fog makers do away with wet suppression methods and associated problems of water run off, pooling and costs incurred in carting excess water off site and disposing of it safely.

Fugitive dust causes a wide range of health, safety and pollution problems in many work settings, particularly in mining and construction. Effective dust suppression can improve adherence with health regulations, site visibility and community relations.

“We offer a total dust suppression solution for the mining and construction industries,” says Mr Cooper.

“This includes Fogging Nozzles, pumps, tubing, multi-head nozzle holders as well as the GIRAFFA and ELEFANTE Fog Makers which project an ultra fine mist over a wide distance.”

A fogging system eliminates the problems generated by traditional wet suppression methods.

“Our high pressure fogging nozzles are water-efficient and create a fine mist that can be dispersed over a wide area,” says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia.

“Because the water droplets are so fine, it is easier for them to evaporate which avoids the problems associated with water pooling and water run-off,” says Mr Cooper.

Unnecessary water usage can add significantly to water costs, so a properly designed dust suppression system saves money in the long run.

If you would like advice on the best type of dust suppression system to suit your business, please contact Tecpro Australia.

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