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Range of spray nozzles from Technical Projects

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Technical Projects  is an Australian supplier of high quality spray nozzles. These spray nozzles are available in a wide range of models and are used in various industries for different applications. Their effective use with water makes them ideal for chemical free cleaning applications. 

The hydraulic spray nozzles increase the velocity of the liquid using pressure energy through an orifice and break the liquid into small droplets. Hydraulic spray nozzles from Technical Projects are available in three different patterns namely, the Full Cone pattern, Flat Fan pattern and Hollow Cone pattern.

The air atomising spray nozzles, also called ultrasonic atomiser spray nozzles are used to atomise the liquids into fine droplets, by passing the liquids through a field of ultrasonic sound waves with high frequency.
Technical Projects also provides specialty nozzles like copley nozzles, cobra head screen washing nozzles, shearer drum nozzles, long–throw nozzles, emulsion nozzles, and adjustable emulsion nozzles, that can be used in many industrial applications.

The liquid transfer nozzles or guns from Technical Projects are available in three varieties. These are, black polypropylene filling guns, white polypropylene filling guns and aluminium filling guns.

The other types of spray nozzles available from Technical Projects are washdown nozzles or guns, waterjet and abrasive jet nozzles. These spray nozzles exist in various models suitable for many applications.

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