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PNR CAY Cluster Nozzle from Technical Projects

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PNR CAY Cluster Nozzle, now available from Technical Projects ,  produces a mass of very fine droplets using only hydraulic pressure. 

Gas cooling, gas scrubbing and fire suppression are applications that require the maximum water surface area possible exposed to the air or gas. This requires the water to be broken up into a mass of fine droplets. The CAY cluster nozzles have been designed to create a large cloud of fine mist. Each Cluster Nozzle is comprised of 7 smaller nozzles. This approach allows smaller droplet sizes and a finer larger mist cloud relative to a standard nozzle using the same water volume. The fine droplets are produced using only hydraulic pressure. 

The design of the CAY cluster nozzle body produces a wide angle spray of 130 degrees. The connection size ranges from 1/2” BSP up to 2” BSP with flow rates from 2.8 litres/minute to 895 litres/minute @ 10 Bar pressure.  The CAY cluster nozzles are supplied in 303 and 316 grade Stainless Steel, Brass, or Nickel Plated Brass for fire suppression applications where the nozzles will be visible to the public and aesthetics are important.

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