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New Typhoon Jetting Tank Washers from Tecpro Australia

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The new, ultra-efficient Typhoon rotating cleaning head, now available from Tecpro Australia is a highly reliable and economic line of jetting tank washers.  

Save cleaning time and water while improving cleaning effectiveness  

Ideal for large vessels including food and beverage storage tanks, transport containers as well as chemical reactors, Typhoon jetting tank washers produce four high-powered jets that give complete coverage in a quick 7-minute wash cycle.  

Even at high flow rates, the geared movement maintains an optimum jet peripheral velocity that increases impingement and chemical dwell times to maximise cleaning effectiveness. The Typhoon’s highly efficient wash cycle reduces downtime and saves on water as well as effluent costs.  

Save repair and maintenance time/ costs  

The Typhoon jetting tank washers are designed to facilitate user-friendly as well as cost-effective maintenance. These tank washers are constructed from only 48 parts, which can be easily dismantled and re-assembled in minutes.  

Zero bacteria - ultra hygienic design  

The sleek external design and self-cleaning backwash nozzles reduce wear and tear while improving hygiene by ensuring the product cannot settle on the cleaning head.  

New carbon PTFE bearings improve performance and eliminate contamination risks associated with wear and tear of traditional ball bearings.  

Lightweight but powerful  

Weighing only 3.1kg, the lightweight and compact Typhoon jetting tank washers feature a 1-inch BSP connection and require a minimum manhole/ flange opening of 110mm for unit insertion.  

At a pressure of 10 bar and a flow rate of 225 L/min, the Typhoon has a cleaning radius of 9m and wetting radius of 17m. It is suitable for working temperatures up to 95°C and ambient temperatures of up to 140°C.  

An ideal replacement for large spray balls, the innovative Typhoon is the perfect tank cleaning solution for any environment where efficiency, hygiene and reliability are essential.

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