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New Road/Rail tanker cleaning head with protective cage

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Now available from Technical Projects , the Breconcherry Fury TWB is a high-power, low-flow jetting tanker washer, specially designed with a robust protective cage for use in tough working conditions. The name TWB stands for Tanker Wash Bay.

The Fury TWB tanker washer is used extensively around the world to clean road and rail tankers for the dairy, food, beverage, chemical, and coatings industries. Its compact design, high powered jets and synchronised protective cage make the TWB tanker washer the perfect cleaning option for road and rail tankers and other transport containers, as well as tote bins, storage tanks and process vessels.

The Fury TWB’s efficient piston-operated mechanism is driven by only 5% of the wash water, allowing an incredible 95% to pass directly into the three nozzles, maximising jet impingement and cleaning performance, even at low flow rates of 25 to 100L/min. This low fluid usage can reduce effluent costs by up to 60%.

With no turbines or complex gear systems the TWB tanker washer suffers very little wear and the robust cage protects against damage in even the toughest working conditions. The cage is synchronised with the indexed movement of the mechanism to ensure that there is no interference with the jets. As well as the popular 360º pattern, the Fury TWB can also be supplied in a 180º down version for cleaning open-topped tanks.

Lightweight , (only 4.4kg.), and compact, the Fury TWB tanker washer can be mounted rigidly in the tank or suspended from a hose for manual cleaning. It uses a ¾” BSP connection and requires a minimum manhole/flange opening of 200mm for unit insertion. The Fury TWB is usually operated between 5 and 25 Bar and has a Cleaning Radius of 8 metres at 15 Bar. It is suitable for working temperatures up to 120º C.

The versatile and rugged Fury TWB tanker washer is ideal for tough cleaning jobs where it is essential to minimise effluent costs and shorten the wash cycle, while reducing maintenance costs and ensuring long life.

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