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Innovative spray nozzles from Technical Projects

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Technical Projects  was established by Lester Maino during 1982 and is specialised in supplying spray nozzles in Australia. The main aim of the company is stated to be solving the technical problems associated with spray nozzles, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Technical Projects is involved in the sales and service of innovative spray nozzles. The company focuses on customer service, quality improvement and cost reduction, though nozzle system optimization. The products from Technical Projects are reported to be reliable and of good quality.

Technical Projects is the Australian distributor of a wide range of PNR products. The PNR products that are being distributed by Technical Projects includes different types of spray nozzles like, the hydraulic spray nozzles, liquid transfer nozzles, air atomizing spray nozzles, specialty nozzles, washdown nozzles, waterjet nozzles, and abrasive jet nozzles. Technical Projects is also involved in designing of customized spray nozzles, to satisfy specific needs of customers.

The products supplied by Technical Projects, in addition to spray nozzles are cleaning guns, hose and cable reels, steam mixing walls, swiss valves, filters, fittings, and accessories.

The product range of Technical Projects can efficiently satisfy the requirements in many industries like mining, steel and copper refining, cement plants, water jet cutting, food and beverage manufacturing, electricity generation chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, abattoir and meat processing.

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