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Idrotech ELEFANTE Fog Maker from Tecpro Australia

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Tecpro Australia will be appearing at the Australian International Mining Exhibtion (AIMEX) event in September 2011 with the Idrotech ELEFANTE fog maker. The Idrotech ELEFANTE fog makers are ideal equipment for controlling fugitive dust in the mining and construction industry. 

“We’re very pleased to be showcasing Idrotech’s ELEFANTE fog maker,” says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia.

“This will be the first time the ELEFANTE has been shown in Australia and we’ll also have representatives from Idrotech on hand to answer questions about it as well as their other specialist dust suppression products.”

The ELEFANTE fog makers feature powerful fans with three concentric nozzle rings mounted.  The fog makers can spray an ultra-fine mist across large areas with a throw length of up to 60 metres. The ELEFANTE fog makers can also help avoid environmental damages caused by fugitive dust, which causes harm to local environments and entering waterways.

The ELEFANTE fog makers use water pressure of 10 bar through 156 nozzles with flow rate varies from 14.8 litres per minute to 87.6 litres per minute. The unit requires 400v-50Hz power and uses 11 Kw of energy.

Tecpro Australia will be showcasing the Idrotech ELEFANTE fog makers at the AIMEX in September 2011.  For more information on AIMEX, visit their website.

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