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ILMAP Sand Filter Nozzles now available in Australia and New Zealand from Tecpro Australia

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Tecpro Australia  is the official Australian and New Zealand distributor for the complete range of ILMAP high precision, Italian-made sand filter nozzles.    

Precision Manufacture for Reliable and Accurate Slot Size  

ILMAP have been manufacturing thermoplastic filtering nozzles for water treatment for over 40 years. The experience has given them the expertise to create high precision sand filter nozzles from superior quality materials, ensuring maximum performance and durability.  

Accepted Worldwide

ILMAP sand filter nozzles are used in drinking water treatment, demineralisation, urban and industrial wastewater treatment, desalination plants as well as water filtration for irrigation and swimming pools the world over.    

The company offers pressure and gravity filter nozzles for every possible application with an extensive range of designs available in several shapes, slot sizes and materials.  

Wide Variety of Materials

In addition to the standard polypropylene, the ILMAP range is available in a variety of specialised PP formulations to provide increased strength, durability and chemical resistance: 

  • Glass-filled polypropylene for increased strength and temperature resistance with a permitted maximum operating temperature of 110°C
  • Mineral-filled polypropylene for increased dimensional stability and compression strength under higher temperatures
  • PVDF (polyvinylideneflouride) for optimal mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, thermal stability, purity and chemical resistance

ILMAP’s decades of experience have helped make them the world experts in designing, sizing and supplying the ideal filtering solutions for any water treatment system. Together with the technical consultants at Tecpro Australia, ILMAP can help buyers find the perfect filtering system to fit specific needs and budgets.

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