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Hydraulic spray nozzles from Tecpro Australia

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article image Spiral full cone hydraulic spray nozzles

Tecpro Australia  now have available a range of hydraulic spray nozzles, which use of a liquid's pressure energy to increase its velocity through an orifice and break it into drops.

The performance of these hydraulic spray nozzles can be identified and described precisely, so that the design engineer can specify exactly the right spray nozzle for the process.

Tecpro's large range of hydraulic nozzles will each produce one of three main patterns; a full cone circular and square pattern, a flat fan pattern, and a hollow cone pattern.

The full cone hydraulic spray nozzles evenly distribute the liquid over a circular or square area. There is a wide choice of full cone hydraulic spray nozzles available for general purpose applications, as well as specially designed spray nozzles for specific applications.

Flat fan hydraulic spray nozzles are available with different techniques of producing a flat spray. Each spray nozzle offers specific design and spray properties making it possible to select a single nozzle to meet all or most of the requirements of the application.

Hollow cone hydraulic spray nozzles produce a circular spray of fine droplets, and the liquied is distributed around the perimeter of that circle. There are a range of hollow cone nozzles available, which can be broadly divided into 4 basic types; tangential spray, axial spray, deflection type axial spray, and hydraulic atomisers.

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