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The trusted design and proven performance of the Breconcherry Fury 400 Tank Cleaning Head is now even better with the release of the new and improved Fury 404 by Technical Projects .  

For many years the Fury 400 has been the preferred Tank Cleaning Head for process vessels, food and beverage storage tanks, transport containers and chemical reactors. Its compact design and unique piston operated mechanism produces high impact, long-range jets which guarantee effective surface coverage and high impingement. The NEW Fury 404 Tank Cleaning Head takes advantage of recent high-precision manufacturing advances to ensure even greater efficiency and durability.  

The Fury 404 Tank Cleaning Head produces the highest impact force of any jet washer. Its efficient piston operated mechanism is driven by only 5% of the wash water, allowing an incredible 95% to pass directly to the nozzles. This maximises jet impingement and wash rate, reducing down time and minimising effluent costs. With no turbines or complex gear systems the Fury 404 suffers very little wear and requires minimal maintenance or servicing.  

The versatile Fury 404 Tank Cleaning Head offers 360º or 180º Up or 180º Down wash patterns and is available with 2 or 4 nozzles.  The nozzles oscillate through 90º while the mechanism continually indexes around a central axis. Lightweight and compact, it can be used on a mobile basis or installed permanently in the tank.  It has a 1” BSP connection and requires a minimum manhole/flange opening of 120mm for unit insertion (225mm for 4 nozzles). At a pressure of 12 Bar, the Fury 404 has a cleaning radius of  8.5m and wetting radius of 12.5m. It is suitable for working temperatures up to 120º C.  

With the Fury 400 Tank Cleaning Head already used extensively in the brewing, distilling, dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, coatings, nuclear, and transport industries, the new and improved Fury 404 is an ideal replacement wherever rigorous standards of hygiene and product purity are essential.

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