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Teco Australia introduces advanced Electric motors and Household appliances

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Teco Australia  was established in 1956. The company was started as a manufacturer of Electric motors. The innovative products from Teco Australia are used in a wide range of industrial sectors. It plays a significant role in the production of Electric motors and household appliances.

The vision drive of Teco Australia involves four key features namely, Outstanding Innovation Competence, Continuous core business development, Drive Technology forward, and Competitive Global operations.

Teco Australia has six different sectors. Each sector is involved in the production of specific products. The Industrial product and system sector of Teco Australia deals with Low and high voltage electric motors, Power electric and system control, Mechatronic components and Infrastructure projects. The Consumer appliance and service sector provides Air Conditioners, LCD Televisions, Hospitality restaurants and Household appliances.

The IT and Optronics product sector is associated with Nanotechnology, Creative sensor, Optronics and Image systems. The Telecommunication and service sector works on Mobile / Data / Voice communications, Opto-Electronics and Broadband Technology. The Information system and service sector provides Smart cards, IT Services, e-Purse / e-Commerce and also involved in the Biotech Department. The Investment and Holding sector of Teco Australia deals with High speed railways, Venture capital and investment, Software and Technology parks.

The household appliances and electric motors from Teco Australia are of good quality and are available in an extensive range.

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