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The RFID Ready, advanced B-SX Printer Series from Techspan

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article image The RFID Ready, advanced B-SX Printer Series from Techspan

Techspan is happy to announce an advanced addition to the B-SX Printer Series.
The B-SX series printers have been modified to include modules from some of the best known names in the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) field. By attaching an antenna and plugging the module into the CPU enables the B-SX series printers to read, write and verify a variety of RFID smart labels.

Radio Frequency Identification (or RFID for short) means product identification can occur via wireless transmission of information. The B-SX printer series with RFID functionality is very user friendly as it handles the addition of encoding like another barcode. For the user, it is as simple as selecting the RFID Barcode in the windows driver or sending the command to the printer as part of a format. The printer will then encode the data based on the module fitted and the chip detected. RFID technology is beneficial to retailers as it also ensures-

  • Uninterrupted traceability of the merchandise within the supply chain
  • Optimization of order management
  • Enhanced product availability

An additional feature to the new the B-SX4 and B-SX5 printers, is the integrated “head-up” function. This unique function enables the head of the printer to simultaneously lift up and above the delicate microchip when a message is being written on an RFID transponder label. This function means no damage occurs to microchip on the label. This innovative feature allows longer MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and ensures consistent performance.

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