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Techspan Group to release new plastic welding equipment at National Manufacturing Week 2009

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Techspan Group  will unveil new plastic welding tools for heavy duty plastics, plastics thicker than 8mm and geomembranes during National Manufacturing Week 2009 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Techspan Group will also use National Manufacturing Week 2009 to release new industrial hot air systems for process heating applications. Techspan will display heavy duty plastic welders for the fabrication and repair of plastics up to 8mm thick and for welding flexible fabrics and films. The welders have an integrated electronic temperature control that enables virtually all thermoplastics to be welded.

Techspan will also display Extruder welders in various formats for welding plastics thicker than 8mm and with welding capacities of up to 6kg an hour. They are available in models that weld PE, PP and PVDF and PVC materials, and have an integrated stand system which has fewer wearing parts than conventional designs.

Techspan Group will also showcase wedge welders, which overlap-weld geomembranes liners at high speeds (up to 5m/minute), and can weld a wide range of geomembranes, including LDPE, HDPE, PE-C, PP, PVC-P, ECB, EVA and TPO. Other innovative features include a ceramic wedge that enables welding of different materials without changing the wedge. A wedge welder described as the world’s smallest and lightest, is designed for use when size and weight are especially important, such as the overhead welding of geomembranes in tunnels.

National Manufacturing Week will also see the release of Techspan Group’s new industrial hot air units, which are available from 800W to 17,400W to suit most process heating applications. Important features of industrial hot air units include advanced, plug-in ceramic heating technology and integrated electronic temperature control.

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