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Techspan Group’s guide in Main Welding – Speed Welding

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Techspan Group and their Tech Tips provide a guide in main welding in the plastic welding process. The guide aims to provide a better understanding on plastic repair welding and shed some light on new tips and techniques.

Main welding of plastics can be carried out using two welding techniques: the pendulum welding and the speed welding.

Speed Welding

The speed welding technique is used for long weld runs. The term ‘speed welding’ was coined from its relatively fast process compared to the pendulum welding.

To achieve the speed welding technique:

  1. Fit the standard nozzle on the welding tool.
  2. Select the correct “speed welding” nozzle to suit the corresponding welding rod profile. In round profiles, Techspan supply 3mm, 4mm or 5mm diameter. In tape profiles, Techspan supply 8mmx2mm speed welding nozzle. In triangular profiles, Techspan supply either a 5.7mm or 7mm triangular speed welding nozzle.
  3. Once up to temperature, simply insert the welding rod into the speed welding nozzle and apply a downward pressure on the welding rod itself.
  4. Apply approximately 2.5 – 3kg of downward pressure, forcing the welding rod through the speed welding nozzle and into the weld area.
  5. The welding tool will need to be supported as the force on the welding rod will move the tool along the weld area with ease.

The speed welding process is fast and easy to achieve. For more information or a video demonstration on pendulum welding, visit Techspan Group's website or send them an e-mail.

For Techspan Group’s guide on Pendulum Welding, please visit this article.

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