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Techspan Group’s guide in Main Welding – Pendulum Welding

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Techspan Group and their Tech Tips provide a guide in main welding in the plastic welding process. The guide aims to provide a better understanding on plastic repair welding and shed some light on new tips and techniques.

Main welding of plastics can be carried out using two welding techniques: the pendulum welding and the speed welding.

Pendulum Welding

The pendulum welding technique can be used for short weld runs or when access is difficult.

To achieve the pendulum welding technique:

  1. Fit the standard nozzle (LE100303) on the welding tool
  2. Set the required welding temperature on the welding tool using the guide provided. This is carried out using the red rotary dial provided on the end of all Techspan plastic welders.
  3. Once up to temperature (from cold this takes about 1.5 minutes), select the correct welding rod.
  4. Cut the start of the welding rod to a point, this will help with the initial flow of the weld rod.
  5. A pendulum motion is used to evenly heat the parent material and the welding rod.
  6. Feed the welding rod into the welding area while curving the tail of the weld rod away from the welding tool. This will help control the rod feed during welding and allow the operator to observe the material.
  7. Welding should be carried out in one continuous run along the length of the area to be welded.
  8. Welding speed should be adjusted to the point where you observe a slight ‘wash’ at the sides of the welding rod.
  9. Ensure your pendulum motion is providing even heating on both the parent material and the welding rod throughout the weld run.
  10. When complete, allow the plastic component to cool completely before attempting to trim or clean up the welding area. This is important as the plastic will not be at full strength until completely cool.

Once the plastic component has completely cooled down, trimming and sanding can be carried out if required.

For more information or a video demonstration on pendulum welding, visit Techspan Group's website or send them an e-mail.

For Techspan Group’s guide on Speed Welding, please visit their page.

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