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Techspan Group announces expansion of ENGEL's range of Viper linear arm robots

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article image ENGEL's new Viper linear arm robots incorporate several software design features to enhance productivity while keeping energy consumption low

New models of ENGEL Viper linear arm robots with a nominal load bearing capacity of 90 kilograms are now available, reports local distributor Techspan Group .

Ideal for automation tasks in the injection moulding field, the increased load bearing capacity of these new robots means that they can even be used with large scale machines in the upper clamping force range.

They feature an innovative design utilising laser welded steel sections to keep the dead weight of the robots down, allowing for the higher load bearing capacities.

Smart software packages reduce the structure-borne vibration of the robots even with longer axis dimensions and optimise their movement and dynamic values.

Additional software features have also been introduced that have been designed to minimise cycle times and maximise productivity, whilst keeping energy consumption low.

ENGEL supplies its Viper linear arm robots and injection moulding machines from a single source, ensuring full integration of the two control environments.

Where required, Viper robots can also be delivered with a separate control system, working with injection moulding machines from other manufacturers via a EUROMAP 67 interface.

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